Due to the amount of mail order received, we need to institute the following rules.

01. ALL items must be sent in and paid for in full at least 2 weeks before the event.

02. Return postage fees MUST be enclosed.

03. Please do NOT send your own sharpies or markers. We cannot be held responsible for them if they leak or explode in transit. 

04. ALL items must have post-it notes with your first and last name taped to the item with  details about inscriptions or special instructions. 

05. You MUST include a printed description and list of your items with your name, return shipping address, email and phone number.

06. Pricing is the same as if you got the item in person. Please refer to that pricing. 
07. Personalized items and inscriptions will be an additional $5.00 per item. 

08. Send items at your own risk and consider postal insurance if the item is very valuable.

09. Encyclopedias must be bookmarked with post it notes.

10. Most important - do not e-mail us the night of the event and ask if your items were mailed. The post office is closed until Monday and it is a very long and involved process to get these items mailed.  They will most likely not be mailed until the following Monday after the event, at the earliest.
Please do not inquire about your items until 2 weeks after the event if you have not received them. 

Please send inquiries to :